Frequently Asked Questions

What Can We Help You With Today?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can We Help You With Today?

Software Packages

Why 828 Business Solutions?

We provide all of the tools needed to start, grow & manage your business' online presence in one platform without having to "duct-tape" multiple platforms together!

Our software also provides you with a mobile app to access some features on the go.

What is the Price of the Software/Services?

Our software/services are priced as follows:

Software Packages (Subscription)

Standard Plan - USD $399/month | USD $3,990/year

Professional Plan - USD $499/month | USD $4,990/year

Premium Plan - USD $799/month | USD $7,990/year

Website Creation (One Time Fee)

Standard (up to 5 pages) - USD $250

Pro (up to 10 pages) - USD $500

Premium (up to 20 pages) - USD $1,000

More details can be seen at

What are the Key Services that 828 Business Solutions Provides?

1) Web Design

We help bring your business online. Use our website builder and stunning to templates to create a website for your business; or hire our team to build one for you.

2) Marketing

We provide the tools to help you reach your customers with ease. Schedule/post across multiple social media platforms at once, or launch email campaigns to your entire contact list (or subset), for example.

3) Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

We help your manage you contact/customer list and track them through each stage of your business' sales processes.

4) Reputation Management

We help you grow your business' reputation and manage reviews.

5) Automation

We automate many of these processes in the backend of our software - including (but not limited to) automated email/SMS responses; phone calls; appointment booking, confirmation & reminders; and review requests.

6) Advertising

We provide you with templates to launch your own Facebook Ads in under 60 seconds, through our software. These templates are also fully customizable.

How Does the Automated Email, SMS & Phone System Work?


You simply login to your business' email from within our platform, the connection is formed, and automations can then be customized to send out emails on your behalf under various scenarios.

SMS & Phone System

Through our platform, companies can purchase a business phone number which can forward messages/calls to any number of their choosing. The phone line can then be used in automations to send SMS or make phone calls.

The need to get a seperate phone line to use the automations, is due to software code that allows two applications to talk to each other. Traditional network providers do not openly provide this code with regular phone numbers. 828 Business Solutions uses a provider that specifically supplies phone numbers with the required capabilities.

(This option is currently only available within some countries)

PS: An integration is currently under development that will allow businesses to connect their existing business lines.

What Countries is the Phone System Available In?

The Phone System functionality is available within the following countries:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, & Vietnam

Is There a Cost for Sending Emails / SMS / Making Calls?

Yes there is a nominal charge associated with sending Emails/SMS & making calls using our Software.

The breakdown of these costs are as follows:


Cost = USD $0.00135 / email

USD $5 = Approx. 3,700 emails


Cost = USD $0.0158 / segment (1 segment is equal to a SMS of 160 characters)*

USD $5 = Approx. 316 segments

Phone Calls


Cost = USD $0.017 / minute*

USD $5 = Approx. 294 calls


Cost = USD $0.028 / minute*

USD $5 = Approx. 178 calls

*Rates are based on messages sent / calls made within the US/Canada and may vary depending on originating & receiving country.

828 Business Solutions provides a monthly credit to businesses, to use for emails, SMS or calls, based on their software package as follows:

Standard Package - USD $5/month

Professional Package - USD $10/month

Premium Package - USD $20/month

Any additional charges are then rebilled to your business.

Does 828 Business Solutions Integrate with 3rd Party Apps?

Yes. Our platform integrates with the following 3rd party apps (with more to follow):

- Facebook

- Instagram

- Tik Tok

- Google My Business

- Shopify

- QuickBooks

- Stripe

- Clio

- Zapier

What Support is Provided?

We provide the following support:

- Onboarding tutorial to help you setup your business within the software. Option available to have our team do the setup for you (additional charge).

- Software tutorial providing details & guidance on each segment of the platform.

- Support library of articles & videos to cover frequently asked or potential questions.

- Support team that can be contacted to answer any additional questions.

Do You Offer a Free Trial?

Yes. We offer a 30 day free trial for businesses to experience the power of our Software for themselves.

Does the Free Trial Limit Access to Some Features?

No. During the free trial businesses will have access to all features as they would once they've subscribed to our service.

However, email & phone credits do not apply during this trial period, and any amounts incurred for emails, SMS, or phone calls will be rebilled to your business at the end of the free trial.

Website Packages

Does My Business Need a Website to Use the Software?

Whilst we highly recommend having a website to increase your business' visibility & credibility, a wesbite is not need in order to use our Software. Despite some feautures being website specific, there are many other features that your business can still benefit from such as, our CRM, Social Media & Marketing tools, and Reputation Management, for example.

What if my Business Already Has a Website?

No worries! If your business already has a website that you are happy with, you can still benefit from the use of our Software.

Our chat widget, forms, surveys, and more, can be integrated into your existing website and still allow for our bnackend automations to run (e.g. automated email responses/follow ups).

Does 828 Business Solutions Provide Domain Registration Services?

Whilst not a standalone service that we provide, we can register & configure your website domain for you when your purchase one of wesbite packages.

This cost, however, will be rebilled to your business.

The average cost of a '.com' domain is USD $9.15/year.

Alternatively, we provide use of one of our subdomains ( for businesses looking for a FREE option.

(For example, a business named SK Security can use the domain '' at no cost to that business)

Explore a better way to grow

US: +1 (720) 928-9817 | UAE: +971 50 244 2817

+971 50 244 2817

Explore a better way to grow

US: +1 (720) 928-9817 | UAE: +971 50 244 2817

+971 50 244 2817

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